The first and unique client for Windows 10

Xbox One
PC, Windows phone, Xbox One, Surface Hub, Microsoft HoloLens
Windows 10 builds 15063, 16299+ (v2.0.0-beta7)
Windows 10 builds 10240, 10586, 14393* (v1.5.12)
Internet Connection
Touch Screen (recommended**, not required)

*in a future update v2 will be compatible also with Anniversary Update (14393).
**is just recommended, not required, you can use the app with other input devices (mouse, keyboard, xbox one controller, holographic gestures, etc.).
Windows 10 builds: First Release (10240), November Update (10586), Anniversary Update (14393), Creators Update (15063), Fall Creators Update (16299).

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Softpedia Review

Enjoy the company of other fellow developers from one of the most thriving communities with the help of this unofficial yet stylish devRant client

The review is about v2.0.0-beta7

Whether you're looking for that extra boost of motivation, a bit more knowledge about your line of work, or you're simply in the mood for some "hardcore" geeky humor, devRant is the place to be if you're a developer.

You can access everything this sort of Mecca for developers with the help of the two official mobile apps for both iOS and Android or, if you're keen on complaining about *insert stuff-that-developers-usually-complain-about here* from the comforts of your PC's desktop, then you'll surely like devRant unofficial UWP.

Brings devRant to your computer's desktop wrapped within a modern package

And, there are lots of things to like about this Microsoft Store unofficial devRant client. For starters, it brings all the functionality of the platform to your computer's desktop. You can access sections as Discussions, Weekly Rants, Stories, and Collabs, all while being able to upvote posts that appeal to you most and even customize your profile.

There's also the so-called "Swag" section (or Swag Store as its officially called) that you've become accustomed to. If you've been using devRant for quite some while now, you'll be sure to notice that the app has three extra, self-explanatory sections: ++Supporters, Cartoons, and Podcasts.

Straightforward functionality, decently customizable GUI, and stylish looks

The second thing that's definitely worth appreciating is the app's appearance. The client boasts a modern GUI with stylish translucent elements that blur other desktop elements underneath the main window.

Since we're on the subject, it's worth pointing out that the app comes with a few UI themes as well (white, gray, and two dark ones). Just like a modern app of this sort should, it also provides you with the possibility of changing the font's type and size.

As mentioned before, this is a Microsoft Store app which means deploying it shouldn't be much of a challenge, since the installation procedure smoothly unfolds without requiring any type of intervention on your part.

Vent developer-related frustrations with the help of this stylish devRant client

Having said all that, if devRant is the place to be for all developers with a unique sense of humor then devRant unofficial UWP is definitely a must-have.

The app in question is pretty much spot on. With its stylish looks and customizable UI, it builds on the platforms simple functionality, making everything seem even more accessible and fun. As a negative, the only thing to note here might be the lack of support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

- Vladimir Ciobica