devRant unofficial

The first client for Windows 10

v1.3.13.0 UWP 10
devRant is where developers can express how they really feel about code, tech, and the people that make programming super special (for better or worse).
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4.9 / 5

Based on 122 ratings on Microsoft Store
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Great app

“Works well and looks nice. Would recommend.”

- Tobias




- Jasper

United States

Great application

“Exactly like the official app but I like this more due to the fluidness of it. Very nice job!”

- Ihtasham

United Kingdom


“Much love etc for the developer to create such a faithful representation of the devRant app. I certainly wouldn't get off my ass to make it so I'm glad someone did.”

- Simon



“Better than the original Android Version.”

- josua



“Nice app.”

- Klavdij

United Kingdom


“Love it, just as the official app.”

- Sonic

United States

Fantastic application

“Awesome work done by the developers........🐱💻”

- Devaprem



“The design of the app stays true to and has all the features of the official app as well. 6 stars out of 5. Not to mention the dev, Jakub, is a genuinely nice guy.”

- Stone

United States

Works Great!

“Keep up the good work. Nice to have a devrant client on my phone and computer.”

- Christopher

United States


“Behind the official versions on iOS and Android in nothing. Many thanks to the developer!”

- Max



“Love this app.”

- klaus

United States


“Is the best app I ever seen, programming get easy when we have a place to share with other people that do the same.”

- Andr3

United States


“Thanks for this!!!”

- Kunashe

United Kingdom


“Excellent for share opinions and having fun with people who work with developing or programming.”

- @ndr3

United States

Great unofficial app!

“Works as expected and clean interface. Love it! Keep it up!”

- Jir



“It has to be one of the best apps on the windows store. Otherwise the developer would have to face a lot of rants. :P”

- Ravi


Great app

“Thanks for the great support.”

- Jake Christopher


Great app

“Really like the whole devRant community, and especially how the developer did his magic to bring devRant to Windows UWP world... Keep up the good work! 👍”

- Marko

United States

Closet 3rd party app

“Don't be fooled by the way this app claims to be third party. This app is as good as any 1st party app that could be developed. Thank you!”

- Samuel

United Kingdom

Amazing App

“I love this application it very fluid and stable. I have many hours of fun during my meetings with this app.”

- Gustavo

United States

Works Flawlessly!

“I've never used devRant. But this app made me curious about devRant and I'm loving both the app and the website! Great Job!”

- Abdullah

United Kingdom

Nice going....

“Keep up the good work.”

- Puneet


int rate = 5;

“For (int i = 0; i <99999999; i++) { Rate++; }”

- Erik

United States