This project has been abandoned in 2015.

The easiest way to listen your
favourite radio stations
directly from your desktop.

JRADIOPLAYER+ is a simple software which allow you to listen more than 500 radio stations without losing time on searching them on the internet!

Softpedia Review

A small and practical radio player that lets you choose from an abundance of stations from all over the world or add custom media files to be played

The review is about v1.5.0.0

With the Internet being home to most forms of entertainment, an active connection assures you that you never get bored. There are multiple applications that provide quick methods of watching shows or listening to music without the need of web browsers. In this regard, JRADIOPLAYER+ gives you the possibility to enjoy your favorite radio station from the comfort of your desktop.

Easy to use and portable

All features are neatly organized in a compact window. Playback controls are at your fingertips, as well as a few drop-down menus that let you choose the station you prefer. You mostly need an active Internet connection, because the application can be used on most machines since it does not require an installation.

Clean and constant playback

The application is still under development so flexibility is not really a strong point. You need to select a country before picking a station. Choices are decent and in future updates you'll surely get to enjoy stations from your country in case it's not found in the implemented ones.

On the other hand, the application is also capable of opening external files, so you can easily load MP3, WMA, WAX, RM, MID and other files, feature which tips the scales in the app's favor. However, there's no playlist manager, with the application mostly coming in handy for continuous streams.

Needs a little more work

If you found a station that suits your taste in music, you need to remember it, because the application resets all settings once you close it and there isn't an option to add a shortcut to favorite radios. Playback controls leave a little something to be desired, with the volume slider missing entirely and options only enabling you to leave sound on or cut it off completely.

In conclusion

To sum it up, JRADIOPLAYER+ comes equipped with a neat set of features and good ideas behind the concept. It's easy enough to use and the list of stations is impressive. Hopefully, future updates will add even more, or provide features that enhance the overall experience. It's worth a try, with multiple genres to be found that are sure to tickle your fancy.

- Mircea Dragomir